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BenJonah Designs specializes in Creating Custom Metal signs and Architectural Hardware for you or your business.


Contact us Today   24hr

256-571-5884 Mon-Fri 8-4 CST

5510 Main Street, Grant Alabama


Whether you are wanting a custom sign for your business, sports team, or anything else, we can help. BenJonah Designs products are proudly displayed around the world, and are guaranteed to be the centerpiece of any place that they are displayed.

  • We are Metal workers first, and Graphic designers second. If you can provide us with a usable format for your design, there will be no extra charge for design. However, if all we have to go off of is a picture, idea, or any other type of unprepared format, then additional charges for design will apply. These charges will depend on the size, time, and complexity of the design.

  • Before we create your custom piece, you will be required to pay. This is due to previous customers having us design and even complete orders that were never paid for or picked up. Once we have discussed your ideas, we will send you a link to pay(or you may drop off cash if you are nearby). Once you have paid, we will design your product and send you a proof. Upon approval, we will then cut your design or change it to meet your needs.

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